The Baddies East Reunion will be filmed soon (January 17, 2024) and we the viewers/fans deserve to see some REAL squabbles. 

NeNe Leakes was announced as host of the ‘Baddies East’ reunion alongside Zeus Networks’ Janeisha John.

Baddies East Reunion Confirmed Fights so far:

Tesehki vs Et (rounds: multiple) Et vs Ahna (Rounds: 1) Et vs Camilla (rounds: ??) Rollie vs Camilla (Rounds: ??) Biggie vs Et (Rounds: ??) Rollie vs Ahna (Rounds: ??) ET vs Natalie (Rounds: ??) Biggie vs Rollie (Rounds: ??) Sapphire vs Et (Rounds: ??) Smiley vs Mariahlynn (Rounds: ??) Some of the other girls fought as well but it hasn’t been confirmed on who they fought. #BaddiesEast #BaddiesEastReunion


Baddies East